Oct 14, 2011

One sunny afternoon I got a frantic call from a guest who was convinced that she had locked the condo keys inside the condo.  I have an emergency back-up key safe for just such occasions, but my guest said she was unable to get it to open.  (Sometimes those combination lock key safes - or lock boxes - can be a bit fiddly if you're not used to them.)  So I spent the next half-hour trying to get hold of one of my local contacts to come over and let the guest back in.  It turned out to be a false alarm, as my guest eventually called me back to report that she found the keys in the bottom of her beach bag.

All of this kerfuffle could have been avoided if I had taken the time to make a note of the fact that our condo cannot be locked without a key, so that it is impossible to lock the keys inside.  Had I remembered this, my pointing out this fact might have helped her realize where she put the keys sooner.

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