Oct 4, 2011

Having a good guest information book with lots of valuable information for your vacation rental guests is important. When your guests arrive they often won't know anything about the area. Including basic things like where to eat or grocery shop. They certainly won't know the quirks of your property. And you can help them get started having a great time more quickly by sharing your own unique knowledge of the area attractions and restaurants.

Here's a list of the things that we include in the guest information books at our vacation rentals. For us these are 3-ring binders with clear plastic envelopes in them, making it easy to slip things in and out.

  • Emergency numbers
  • Our contact information
  • Other useful phone numbers (e.g. Beech Mountain club)
  • Association (HOA) rules
  • House rules
  • Maps of the local area and trails
  • Grocery Stores, Hospitals and Churches
  • Newspaper clippings with timeless local info
  • Restaurant recommendations and menus
  • Leaflets for Local Attractions
  • Coupons or Coupon Books (that don't expire soon)
  • Instructions on how to operate things like fireplace, video games
  • List of TV Channels and DVDs
  • Bird watching guide
The bulkier things, like coupon books, and leaflets for local attraction, go in a small basket next to the guest book. From our own experience, this makes it easier to spread things out on a table and pick out interesting attractions. It also makes it more likely that guests will throw in any new leaflets that they see and pickup.

We also provide some of this information on our vacation rental blogs and send it to guests before they check-in. For example, a map of the area around Beech Mountain Bliss, or a list of restaurants that we like around Sunset Beach.

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