Oct 21, 2011

Early on in our Renting By Owner adventures, I booked Labor Day weekend to a very nice family whose members included one of those coteries of Mothers and Grandmothers who insist on constantly doing housework, even while on vacation.  (We do not require our guests to launder anything, just wash the dishes before leaving.)

After they had checked out, I got a report from the cleaning company I was using at the time that all the hand towels we had put out for that group were missing.  Because I had spent so much time on the phone with members of this group, I decided to just phone them and ask if they had the hand towels, instead of immediately assuming that they were lost and deducting it from their deposit.  After a pause, my guest responded to my question with an "Oh!  We washed them all and forgot to unload them from the dryer."


I remember this every time I'm tempted to assume the worst about people.

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