Oct 19, 2011

Obviously there are times when you can't accommodate an inquiry. They've asked about dates you have booked, or to sleep more people than you can fit. But other times you get an inquiry for dates you have available and a group size you can fit, but there is something else they want you don't have. Perhaps there is a creative way around it.

We recently had guests ask whether we have bike racks at our condo in Sunset Beach. Unfortunately our condo association recently removed the bike racks, because of complaints by other owners that they were "unsightly" (Update: New Bicycle Racks at Sunset Beach Bliss). We talked to neighbors and called around, but unfortunately there simply isn't a good place to store a bike near our condo.
But we also researched other bike related information for the area. We found a lot of really good bike trails, including ones across the relatively new bridge across to the island. So when we responded to the guests to let them know that unfortunately we did not have bike racks, we also shared all this other information. And lastly asked whether they might be able to keep them on a car rack.

The guests appreciated all the information, and decided to book with us anyway. When we spoke with them again they mentioned that they had decided just to rent bikes while there were down. Through other research we were able to share various places that they could rent them. By being helpful and doing a little extra research we were able to win their business, even though at first glance we didn't appear to be able to accommodate their desires.

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