Oct 2, 2011

In the post on what supplies to stock in your vacation rental, we covered the basics. But we've learnt to keep a few other supplies in our vacation rentals for less common situations. None of these are things that we expect your guests to use. But in our experience, guests are often happy to take care of things for themselves if you just provide the tools. For example, if they spill something on the carpet, and find you have provided the appropriate cleaner, they'll use it. However, if you don't provide it, it's more likely that they'll just leave the stain.

Here's things that we provide
  • Basic tool box
  • Box of assorted screws, nails, replacement felt pads, spare curtain rod ends, etc.
  • Spare paint and brushes for touch up, and Spackle
  • Spot and stain carpet cleaner (e.g. Woolite)
  • Blood and Stain Remover (e.g. Rit Dye)
  • Drain cleaner (e.g. Drano)
  • (if allowing pets) Enzyme cleaner (e.g. Simple Solution)
  • Vacuum cleaner, brooms and mops
  • Plungers in each bathroom
  • Spare light bulbs
  • Spare batteries for remote controls
  • Spare filters for A/C
  • Stove top Kettle
  • Electric space heaters
  • Flashlights
  • Weather Radio with Batteries
  • (if somewhere prone to snow) Bag of salt and good quality snow shovel
  • Rubberized mats (for guests to use when changing babies) 

The tool box just contains basic tools: screwdrivers, hammer, pliers. It's surprising how many times guests have taken care of small things around our condo without even mentioning it to us. We did once have a tool box walk away from our property. Our solution was to replace it with a bright pink toolbox. No-one has taken that one yet.

Flashlights, space heaters and kettle are for those occasions when things fail. Electricity, or heat, or water heater. Those sorts of things are bound to happen from time to time. Providing these supplies just makes things a little more bearable while we scramble to get someone onsite to address the problem. We avoid leaving candles and matches because of fire concerns.

Something else you hope guests won't have to use are the bag of salt and snow shovel. At our Beech Mountain Bliss condo we have a service that will clear the parking area and walkway to our condo. However, in extreme conditions it can take a little while. Providing these supplies at least gives guests the option. We make sure to provide a good quality snow shovel.

All of these are things we've learnt through experience to provide in our vacation rental properties. Our guests may not often need to use any of them. However, when they do need or choose to use them, they appreciate our preparedness.

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