Oct 23, 2011

If you're using a HomeAway Connect Calendar with VRBO or HomeAway, then you might find it useful to view your calendar from Google Calendar. HomeAway Connect provides an iCalendar URL for each calendar that can be used to connect to Google Calendar or any other service that consumes iCalendar format.

Here are the steps and then I'll include screenshots below
  1. Login to HomeAway Connect and View the Property with the Calendar you want to View
  2. Click Edit Calendar
  3. Scroll below the calendar and click the "Add this Calendar to Google Calendar" button
  4. Copy the URL in the Subscribe to Calendar Feed window
  5. Open Google Calendar
  6. Click the down arrow next to Other Calendars and click "Add by URL"
  7. Past in the URL from the HomeAway Connect Calendar Feed window
The calendar has now been added and you can view it in your Google Calendar. Here are screenshots of each of the steps to help you follow along.

HomeAway Connect / Edit Calendar
HomeAway Connect / Subscribe to Calendar Feed
Google Calendar / Add by URL

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