Oct 20, 2011

If you're building a website for your vacation rental, or a blog, you'll want to use keywords in your pages that will be found by people looking to rent. But to know what keywords to use, you need to know what people are looking for. If someone wants to rent a vacation home on Beech Mountain, are they more likely to search for "beech mountain cabins" or "beech mountain condos" or "beech mountain rentals"?

This is where the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool can help. It lets you enter one or more phrases, and will report how many people search for each of the phrases in an average month. It can also filter that number down to just a certain location. So you can see which phrases are more popular in the US or in Canada. And it can also suggest other related phrases for which people search.

Let's take a look at Beech Mountain. One way to start is just to search for that phrase. Check "broad" and "only show ideas closely related to my search terms". It should look like this

Google Adwords / Keyword Tool
This will return the number of searches that happen a month for "Beech Mountain" and all other searches that include these words. It will also suggest several other phrases that are popularly searched for which contain those words. You can sort those by how frequently they are searched by clicking the Global Monthly Searches column heading.

Google Adwords / Keyword Search
This shows that "Beech Mountain" - or search phrases including these words - are searched for an average of 49,500 times a month globally (40,500 in the US). It also shows that of the most popular search phrases that include Beech Mountain, that are relevant to Vacation Rentals, the top one is "Beech Mountain Rentals". So this is a phrase that it would be worth emphasizing in your website and blogs.

The same approach can be used to compare the popularity of multiple search terms, by entering them on separate lines in the search box. And if you want to filter down to just the number of searches that are for the term you enter exactly - instead of search phrases that include your search terms - you can click "Exact" over on the left.

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